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I served as a parent support volunteer, a member of the board of directors, a public speaker, and writer for the National Association for Down Syndrome for over a decade. As a public speaker, I presented to thousands of doctors, nurses, medical students, and other medical professionals about how to deliver a diagnosis of Down syndrome. I also spoke to hundreds of students who had a classmate with Down syndrome.

You can view a video about NADS and my involvement with the organization here.

Over the past four years, after creating a disability awareness presentation that encompasses all differences and disabilities, I have presented to dozens of schools and over 10,000 students.

However, it is my experience as a parent that is most important. I have attended numerous workshops and conferences over the last 19 years to learn about inclusion and how to best advocate for my daughter. I have been an active participant in all areas of her education. I have also dedicated myself to raising three children who are treated equally, regardless of their abilities. I have seen firsthand how hurtful words and a lack of understanding can negatively impact my typically-developing children just as much as my daughter with Down syndrome.  

Please contact me for references. Below are just a few of the comments we've received.

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